Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pink Chambord Cupcakes

I got this idea after reading a blog by katiecakes where she made some delicious looking Chambord madelines. yum!
However my cupcakes on the other hand were not as yummy as I'd hoped :( I used the Hummingbird bakery vanilla cupcake recipe, and as I was pottering around adding all my ingredients I made the fatal error of adding too much vanilla. Usually i love a really vanillery cupcake so I bunged a good dollop of extract in and bam! No more lovely Chambord taste! Oh well onwards and upwards! Just to cheer up these cupcakes I added a drop of pink colouring paste.
Whilst they were in the oven I decided to try my hand at some fondant roses after watching the demo on the adverts on food network ( I seriously cannot get enough of this channel). I don't think they turned out too bad for a first attempt.
I also tried my hand at piping some ahem "delicate" roses on the cakes. Unfortunately it's been the warmest september day since 1800 and something so they turned out looking a bit sad :(
Oh well! Let's hope the next time is more successful!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

First Ever Post

Wow my first blogger post! Well this blog will mostly be about my escapades as an amateur baker, and all things cake! I will be uploading some more interesting posts soon,as soon as I've finished sorting out what's in my oven!